Jeremy Grantham

Gutting pensions and other working class benefits pushed Trump to victory, says GMO co-founder Jeremy Grantham.
Scott Hayward is taking the reins at the famed value manager, which has faced its share of troubles. But insiders say a radical overhaul isn’t in the offing.
Jeremy Grantham and Ben Inker have a long track record of successfully calling market bubbles, but their investment strategy can take a long time to play out.
The co-founder of U.S. asset manager GMO plans to use venture investments to help fund his foundation’s battle against climate change.
In a world in which stock valuations are disconnected from reality, adjectives lose all meaning, and investors would do well to proceed cautiously.
GMO co-founder Jeremy Grantham has an unusual knack for making prescient market predictions.
Bill McKibben and Tom Steyer are helping to assemble an army of students and activists to take on the investment establishment over climate change and push endowments, foundations and other institutions to divest their holdings in fossil fuel companies.
GMO’s Jeremy Grantham has been warning about rising temperatures and resource scarcity for the better part of a decade. Investors can no longer ignore the risk — or the opportunities — that climate change creates for the companies in their portfolios.
Farming exports could offer some hope amid Ukraine’s troubles with Russia, but red tape and lack of foreign capital present obstacles. Avangardco’s Oleg Bakhmatyuk believes deep foreign pockets are the answer.
I’m a big fan of Barry Ritholtz’s, but one of his recent columns on the P/E model overlooks an important fact about corporate earnings.