Government Pension Fund Global

A corporation that delivers technological innovation and productivity will do more to spur the economy than one that delivers luxury pet food.
Countries from Norway to Russia to Saudi Arabia have begun drawing down their reserve funds to plug budget gaps and defend currencies.
The combination of collapsing crude oil prices, wild currency swings and heightened governance scrutiny has created a challenging environment for many of the world’s largest sovereign wealth funds.
Although pension fiduciaries fear the financial risks of exiting oil, gas and coal, keeping those assets could cost them in the long run.
Sovereign funds are turning to private market investments to diversify portfolios and boost returns.
Back in November, Norway’s SWF hosted an ‘Investment Strategy Summit’ with a group of finance luminaries to ponder and opine on the future of long-term investing. One of the big themes was liquidity...
Norway’s Government Pension Fund Global has fixed the upper limit of annual bonuses it pays to external fund managers at $25 million.
Norway’s central bank will sell $93.1 million daily in September to purchase foreign currency for the country’s sovereign wealth fund.
The sovereign wealth fund of Norway has dropped Grupo Carso from its portfolio.
Norway’s central bank will acquire FX worth $74.5 million per day in July for the Government Pension Fund Global.