Emerging countries that adhere to a strategy of steady growth and wise debt spending are the most likely to see the greatest rewards.
Muhammadu Buhari faces a $15 billion budget shortfall thanks to weak petroleum prices and pilfering of government funds.
Collaboration, innovation and a multipronged approach hold the key to success in a U.S. initiative to develop Africa’s power sector.
The West African country pays a 10.75 percent rate on eurobond issue as part of its IMF reform program; World Bank provides rare partial guarantee.
As African countries pour billions into developing technology cities, other players are developing local hubs.
A budget blowout, high debt and weak commodities prices have dealt a blow to the economy; can the country get back on track under a new IMF program?
Morocco, Nigeria and Romania are among the preferred investment destinations.
Producers and buyers are seeking ways to handle a potential shortage — and price rise — in cocoa beans.
The co-founder of pan-African private equity firm Development Partners International sees great promise in the region’s growing middle class.
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