European Union

The lesson of Brexit and Narendra Modi’s GST victory is that who makes decisions matters just as much, if not more, than the outcome.
The new British prime minister must unite the Conservative Party and secure a favorable divorce from the European Union.
In a post-Brexit world, the U.K. will face a plethora of economic challenges, including a loss of exports, reduced clout with Nato and a potential breakup with Scotland.
In rejecting the European Union, British voters have also rejected the rampant globalization of the Washington Consensus.
British referendum captured voters’ anxieties without offering a clear model to the future; the uncertainty will affect us all.
Bitter referendum campaign will leave deep scars over immigration and economic insecurity in Britain and across the EU.
Expect macroeconomic fluctuations in response to the outcome of the referendum on Thursday to have microeconomic knock-on effects.
U.K. polls tighten and Yellen testifies; AXA offers cost-cutting strategy; PBOC to allow access to offshore yuan; Two Sigma’s Saret and Manzo on Brexit sentiment.
Even if the U.K. votes to remain in the European Union this Thursday, economic uncertainty is likely to linger.
Revlon to acquire Elizabeth Arden; Oracle stock boosted by the cloud; CDB Leasing to raise $1 billion in initial public offering.