Catherine Bessant

Catherine Bessant is competing with startups in Silicon Valley for tech talent. Her pitch? While the bank doesn’t have ping pong tables or bean bag chairs, its platform allows innovators to make an impact on 50 million households.
The top financial technologists — among them, Bank of America’s Catherine Bessant — leverage cloud innovations and agile software techniques to accomplish more, on a larger scale, than ever before.
The chief operations and technology officer of Bank of America Corp. moves from No. 2 to the top spot.
The global financial technology elite sets itself apart by understanding the strategic and societal implications of high-tech advances and pushing innovation at Silicon Valley–like speed.
Bank of America Corp.’s global technology and operations executive climbs to the No. 2 spot on this year’s Tech 50 ranking.
The postcrisis organizational changes at $2.5 trillion-in-assets Bank of America Corp. didn’t stop with the merger with Merrill Lynch & Co. or Brian Moynihan’s replacing Kenneth Lewis as CEO.