Podcast: Even in Investing ‘There’s Always a Second Story’

In the first episode of In Conversation with Julie Segal, Bain Capital Credit’s Jonathan Lavine talks about working with Ken Burns, and how vetting investments requires multiple perspectives, an understanding of nuance, and a willingness to change your mind.


In Conversation with Julie Segal

Today I’m talking to Jonathan Lavine, co-managing partner of Bain Capital and chief investment officer of Bain Capital Credit. In this episode, Jonathan talks about his path to the esoteric world of private credit, the transformation of risk-taking on Wall Street after the global financial crisis, and his view of those changes 15 years later. With many market crises under his belt, Jonathan walks through what he’s learned and what is still unknowable about how any downturn will unfold. The best investors remain open-minded, even when they think they’ve seen the movie before.

Jonathan also talks about his work with Ken Burns, who is now working on a documentary of the Revolutionary War, and what he’s learned through his relationship with the filmmaker. Perhaps, that’s some passionate story telling. Listen to Jonathan’s view of the real world impact of private financing, what the industry could do better, the opportunities — and, of course, a few worries.

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