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Webcast: How Your Advisor Clients May Add Value With Model Portfolios in a Volatile Market

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Your advisor clients may have to deal with nervous clients every day – investors who may be worried about the volatility in markets, and likely expecting the ride to get bumpier. Advisors could be challenged to come up with new investment solutions, and risk losing clients if they don’t. Model portfolios can be a potential option for advisors to help keep clients engaged and may help provide improved investment outcomes.

Join your peers and experts from Blackrock and Manulife Investment Management for an interactive conversation that, among many other insights, will focus on:

  • Why demand for model portfolios may be rising, and how they can provide stickier assets for advisors.
  • How model portfolios can offer professional asset management to help navigate volatile markets.
  • How the collaboration behind model portfolios could help advisors expand their client base, add new product offerings, and provide service support.
  • Where the model portfolio industry may be going

Who you’ll hear from

  • Christopher Milliken, CFA, Head of Institutional Product Consulting, iShares
  • Ryan Sullivan, Director, Head of Buy Side, Americas, FTSE-Russell
  • Bruce G. Picard, CFA, Portfolio Manager and Head of Model Portfolios, Multi-Asset Solutions Team, Manulife Investment Management

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