ESG/SRI Factors Gaining Relevance for Investors Around the Globe

Investors across regions agree that ESG/SRI components are growing more influential over their investment decision making.


How influential are ESG/SRI components on investing decisions globally?

How does ESG/SRI importance differ for the largest firms?

Does asset size affect expectations for future ESG/SRI importance?

Find out the answers to these questions in the full research insight item.

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While equities analysts and portfolio managers from regions across the globe are in agreement that the importance of ESG/SRI factors on investment decisions is growing, there are divergences particularly between asset sizes that show regional differences still have a significant role in shaping the investment landscape. The current and expected involvement of ESG/SRI factors in investment decision making as shared by investors in the 2018 Global Research Team surveys sheds some light on how these regional differences play out.

Thousands of investment professionals at institutions managing equities in their respective regions participated in Institutional Investor‘s 2018 All-America, All-Asia, All-Europe, All-Japan, and Latin American Research Team surveys.