Mutual Funds Stand Out in Research Budgeting in the U.S.

Mutual Funds are spending more on research now but the future could bring significant changes.


What you will learn in this report:

  • How does research budget size differ across institution type?
  • Do research spend expectations diverge across institutions?

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U.S. equities investors at Mutual Funds are outlaying substantial amounts toward their research budgets compared to their peers at other institution types. As the U.S. investment community continues to respond to the implementation of MiFID II however, major shifts may come for buy-side firms of various types as revealed in the 2018 All-America Research Team survey.

Nearly 3,900 investment professionals at 1,359 institutions managing an estimated $13 trillion in U.S. equities participated in Institutional Investor’s 2018 All-America Research Team survey.