Global Corporate Reactions to the Changing Investment Landscape

Investor Relations Officers from around the globe reveal their firms changing plans in this year’s Executive Team surveys from Institutional Investor.


How are corporates responding to MiFID II?

What role is passive investment playing?

What impact is passive investment having?

Find out the answer to these questions in the full research insight item.

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Changes on the investing and regulation sides have caused disparate reactions from corporate firms around the globe. Now as the 2019 All-America Executive Team survey results have been released, it can be seen how U.S. corporates are adjusting to the changes in the investment community alongside the reactions of their global peers revealed in the 2018 Executive Team surveys.

Over 1,300 publicly listed companies from around the world participated in Institutional Investor’s 2019 All-America and 2018 All-Europe, All-Asia, All-Japan, & Latin American Executive Team surveys.