The Buy-Side Agenda Post MiFID II Regulation

While buy-side investors are making minimal changes so far, in-depth understanding of their adaptations are still valuable and needed.


What you will learn in the full report:

  • Has the buy side’s use of time changed?
  • How does time usage differ by firm asset size?
  • What buy-side trends can help drive your business strategy?

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Though buy-side analysts and portfolio managers who manage U.S. equities are continuing to spend most of their time on researching new investment ideas, there is still much to parse and learn from their activities and preferences as revealed in the 2018 All-America Research Team survey.

Nearly 3,900 investment professionals at 1,359 institutions managing an estimated $13 trillion in U.S. equities participated in Institutional Investor‘s 2018 All-America Research Team survey.

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