Emerging EMEA Analyst/Investor Day Plans

Emerging EMEA IROs share their insights on analyst/investor days.


The best in class use analyst/investor days as a platform to showcase specific parts of the business. Through a thematic approach on product, technology or other growth drivers, the companies aim to do a deep dive and deliver more industry trends and insights. Key information that can help, specifically the buy side, in a post-MiFID II environment where less research is accessed through the banks. It is important then that Investor Relations programs optimize their approach to these events to ensure that they are connecting their company’s strategy effectively with the market.

  • How often are analyst/investor days held?
  • How much is spent on analyst/investor days?
  • Who attends analyst/investor day?
  • What content is provided in analyst/investor days?

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Investor Relations Officers from 111 publicly listed Emerging EMEA companies offered their insights on communication in Institutional Investor‘s 2018 Emerging EMEA Executive Team survey.