U.S. IROs Communicate Their Company’s Message to the World

IROs from the United States disclose their communication and time allocation approaches.


Effective investor relations programs must be able to disseminate their company’s message, strategy, and results to the wider investment community. It is crucial for Investor Relations Officers to choose wisely how they will split their attention and resources to various audiences to be able to support this effectiveness. IROs from publicly listed firms in the United States shared their insights on communication in the 2019 All-America Executive Team survey.

  • How much time is spent communicating with internal vs. external audiences?
  • Is there a standard time limit to respond to requests?
  • How is time spent communicating with financial audiences allocated?
  • What are the most effective communication methods?

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Investor Relations Officers from over 900 publicly listed U.S. companies participated in Institutional Investor’s 2019 All-America Executive Team survey.