Hosting Conference Calls in Europe and America: Key Differences

European and American IROs share their approaches to hosting conference calls.


Quarterly conference calls provide an opportunity to give the market a status update on the progress and financial health of the company. They are also an opportunity for management to reinforce strategic goals and provide insights into the company’s future. Stock traders are particularly keen on understanding how companies are meeting market expectations by assessing, among others, cyclical trends, profitability and sales.

  • Who is best suited to deliver the story?
  • Q&A: Who dedicates more time?
  • How are calls supplemented and evaluated?

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Investor Relations Officers from 662 publicly listed European companies and IROs from 921 publicly listed U.S. companies offered their insights on conference calls in Institutional Investor’s 2019 All-Europe Executive Team and 2019 All-America Executive Team surveys.