Japanese Investors Allocate Their Time to Different Activities

Japanese equities investors disclose how they split their time between various activities.


Japanese equities investors stand out from their global peers in their allocation of time to various activities. While there is overall agreement on the importance of researching for new investment ideas and visiting companies, the details of how different investors divide their time based on location and asset size paint a more nuanced picture. Investors in Japanese equities shared how they allocate their time in the 2019 All-Japan Research Team survey.

  • How does the buy side spend their time around the globe?
  • Does asset size affect investors’ allocation of their time?
  • Does investor location affect their allocation of time?

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More than 1,195 investment professionals at 459 firms managing an estimated $900 Billion in Japanese equities participated in Institutional Investor’s 2019 All-Japan Research Team survey.