The 2014 Trading Technology 40: Joshua Walsky


Joshua Walsky
Chief Technology Officer
Broadway Technology
Last year: 22

More than a decade ago, when the co-founders of Broadway Technology, CEO Tyler Moeller and CTO Joshua Walsky, were first trying to drum up business, they created a slide depicting “the integrated trading enterprise.” That was visionary — and a little naive. “It didn’t make sense to us that banks had all these different trading and software systems across different desks and then across front, middle and back offices,” Walsky recalls. But Wall Street firms were then too “siloed” to appreciate the pitch, he says, and the common reaction was “No way.” Computer-scientist entrepreneurs who had cut their teeth at 1990s start-up, Moeller (No. 41 in last year’s Tech 50 ranking) and Walsky came into finance with fresh eyes, initially in proprietary trading and then with TOC, the multiasset-ready platform they commercialized with New York–based Broadway starting in 2003. TOC made its first inroads in fixed income, and by 2012, when Goldman Sachs Group bought a minority stake in the company, the industry had come around to the “integrated trading” vision. “Customers are looking for one neck to choke,” quips Walsky, 37, whose MEng in computer science from Cornell University came with a focus on machine learning and applied mathematics. Last year Broadway increased its head count 30 percent, to 70; sold its technology into several swaps execution facilities; and introduced a service for managing all of a client’s trading software, hardware, network connectivity and rack space. “We are engineers at heart,” Walsky notes. “We like to build things that last.”

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