Wind Power

Improvements in wind and solar technology are transforming the clean energy sector from a niche business into a mature industry.
Analysts increasingly see wind and solar as part of a mainstream investment mix. Nuclear, while carbon-free, remains problematic.
The Spanish utility is investing heavily in the U.S. and Mexico and looking to expand its wind power business globally.
Republicans are throwing their weight behind solar and other clean power sources, in part to challenge the big utilities.
Although the cost of wind, solar and other renewable power is dropping, uncertainty about government policy could stall new projects.
The Hong Kong investment firm is helping solve China’s environmental problems by developing projects ranging from waste treatment plants to solar power stations.
Timothy Parker, a commodity-sector portfolio manager sees oil and coal generation prevailing over solar and wind power for the foreseeable future.
Vestas Wind Systems, Siemens and Suzlon Energy may be left with underused U.S. factories as cheap natural gas and a lack of federal support cuts wind turbine deliveries in 2010 by 50 percent.
Michael Rucker will oversee the completion of Wind power projects in Hardin County, Ohio.