Volcker Rule

A faster, more accurate posttrade settlement system would lend transparency and cost efficiency to financial transactions.
Automation and regulation have begun to dramatically reduce the ranks of forex traders, particularly at the banks. One result: volatility.
My recent profile of Benefit Street Partners CEO Tommy Gahan is a reminder of the transformation taking hold of Wall Street and the role of journalists in documenting it.
Marketfield Asset Management CIO Michael Aronstein is concerned new rules may pose problems for financial markets as a whole.
As prop traders look to start new hedge funds, they’ve got their work cut out for them.
The Volcker Rule is spawning a spate of new hedge funds led by former traders whom the new regulation has forced banks to let go — and banks provide the leg up necessary to get started.
JPMorgan CEO’s complaints about financial regulation will fall on deafer ears in the nation’s capital, following the bank’s big loss on derivatives.
Volcker rule’s ban on proprietary trading by banks is curbing banks’ interest in issuing corporate bonds, experts say. And banks’ aversion will only increase with more rules to come.
Foreign banks are much more concerned about the Dodd-Frank act’s Volcker rule than U.S. firms are, according to Daniel Ryan, chairman of PricewaterhouseCoopers’ financial services regulatory practice.
For emerging hedge fund managers, seeding and other investment is thin on the ground as investors prefer well-established shops.