Tpg Capital

Interest from big players like BlackRock and TPG could help to create more robust metrics around socially responsible investing.
Consensus gives Clinton the edge over Trump; hedge funder Richard Perry to shutter fund; Caesars cuts deal with creditors; WTO lowers trade projections.
Ek’s music streaming service just signed a $1 billion convertible debt deal that could set the stage for an IPO next year.
TPG Group has enlisted Jon Winkelried, a veteran of Goldman Sachs Group, as co-CEO to help it pursue strategies such as credit.
TPG Capital to acquire Cushman & Wakefield; Aramco to go on $80 billion shopping spree; Bank of England makes no change in policy.
When his firm goes public this year, Ares co-founder and CEO Tony Ressler will join an elite billionaires’ club.
Look for conservative institutions to embrace the eventual IPOs of peer-to-peer rental services such as Airbnb and Uber.
Growing in popularity, business development companies can deliver healthy returns by lending to midmarket businesses shut out by the banks.
Yahoo, with a market capitalization of around $19 billion, is aiming to offload a minority stake to a private equity firm by the end of 2011.