An easing of U.S. sanctions would foster much-needed foreign investment and help the new NLD government lift the economy.
In the face of macro and geopolitical pressures, state-owned firms grab the meager spoils in investment management as foreigners, including BNP Paribas, head for the exits.
Penalties helped prepare the nation for plunging oil prices, Sberbank’s Evgeny Gavrilenkov insists.
As the Ukraine conflict moves into a second year and Western sanctions take their toll, business confidence continues to wane.
Kremlin uses propaganda to fan anti-Americanism and distract Russians from the weakness of their own economy.
Change to a free-floating exchange rate has made currency less of a one-way bet, but Russia’s economy remains under pressure.
Kremlin leader slams Western policy over Ukraine while urging Western investors to remain engaged in Russia’s economy.