Renewable Energy

Ingram, former head of hedge funds at APG, is co-launching a new alternative-investment firm focused on sustainability.
Improvements in wind and solar technology are transforming the clean energy sector from a niche business into a mature industry.
Introducing a suite of indexes to measure such sectors as artificial intelligence, robotics and space that are driving the 21st century economy.
Citi’s Pierre Lau likes the power sector for its good dividend yield and strong growth potential in renewables, especially in polluted regions like China.
A corporation that delivers technological innovation and productivity will do more to spur the economy than one that delivers luxury pet food.
Duke Energy CEO Lynn Good aims to balance environmental concerns with cost and pragmatism.
Renewable energy is now a significant asset class for investors. And emission standards, in the long run, may drive automotive innovation.
The renewable energy sector’s investment darling initially charmed investors. Now the market wants yield cos to keep up the conversation.
The world’s largest asset manager is backing investments that seek to combine financial gain with an economic and social mission.
Although biofuels look especially vulnerable, solar power and some other subsectors should hold up well amid falling crude prices.