Protege Partners

The CEO and CIO of Protégé Partners talks about backing emerging managers and why he’s not giving up on his famous bet with Warren Buffett.
Losing a decadelong wager in which Buffett has challenged hedge funds to beat the S&P 500, Protégé Partners could gain ground this year.
Soros Fund Management has appointed Scott Bessent as its CIO.
Everest Capital has appointed Tord Stallvik as senior managing director of global business development.
KeySquare Group is set to roll out its $200 million maiden offering in October.
Third Avenue Management has appointed Randall Faust and Ilka Gregory as managing directors of institutional sales.
Known for being among the first to find talent in down markets, hedge fund seeder firms are striking deals now.
At the Ohio Highway Patrol Retirement System, a 2006 move into hedge funds looks smart in retrospect.