Passive Management

The right blend of active portfolio management and passive index–style investing can reduce risk and beat benchmarks.
High-conviction investment strategies can lend clear insight into the likelihood of consistency in returns and the rationale behind a fund manager’s decisions.
While passively managed funds allow low fees during times of solid market performance, an active manager can help investors weather more storms.
By licensing NextShares, a nontransparent exchange-traded fund product, the veteran stock picker’s firm hopes to gain tax and other advantages.
Index managers have won the debate over active and passive management, forcing the active crowd to up the ante on innovation.
While hedge fund manager Seth Klarman and index fund pioneer Jack Bogle have different views on the age-old question, both shed light on why beating the market may be close to impossible.
The best way to invest passively is through a portfolio that keeps risk balanced and steady across industries.
The founder and CIO of Windhaven Investment Management talks about ETFs, actively managed passive strategies and risk.