Lehman Brothers

Nicolas left Barclays to become CIO for EMEA at buzzed-about hedge fund start-up Squarepoint Capital.
As they turn to custodians to help manage risk, hedge funds are taking advantage of securities lending and other prime services.
Now an adviser to smaller businesses, the former chief executive of Lehman Brothers plans to reopen the National Stock Exchange.
The New York State Common Retirement Fund deputy CIO posted impressive returns as head of the pension plan’s hedge fund team.
As chair of the Swiss bank’s corporate client solutions group, the Wall Street veteran divides her time between management and client work.
As the British bank shifts its focus to advisory and underwriting, global head of M&A Posternack stresses the value of honest advice.
As greater capital requirements push firms such as Morgan Stanley to unload their hedge fund positions, asset managers are buying stakes.
Erin Arvedlund’s new book traces the Libor from Evan Galbraith’s bathtub to global manipulation
The hedge fund firm made money in distressed securities, among others, but lost it in credit and equity portfolio-protection trades.
In his recent book, the Former U.S. Treasury Secretary makes a case for dramatic government intervention during the financial crisis.