Jeffrey Ubben

The activist firm’s flagship hedge fund is still up for the year despite still holding shares of the embattled drugmaker.
Jeffrey Ubben’s activist firm built its fortunes in part based on its early success with now-struggling Valeant Pharmaceuticals International. With Valeant battling a 90 percent drop in its share price, can ValueAct outrun collateral damage to its reputation?
Pershing Square and Paulson & Co. have taken big hits. But savvy stock picking like ValueAct Capital’s can at least limit the damage.
The troubled drugmaker takes another plunge as it reduces guidance. Here’s a quick survey of the firms that are taking a bath and those that look like geniuses.
Firm co-founder Jeffrey Ubben tells Alpha that his firm isn’t finding much to buy these days.
The firm, now down for the year after its big losses on Valeant, is looking to raise money for a longer lockup structure that will charge lower fees.
The two firms have avoided much of the bloodletting that has plagued their heavily concentrated peers.