Patel to succeed Rajan at Reserve Bank of India; Pfizer circles Medivation; Jefferies’ Darby on why he’s overweight emerging markets.
Verizon to buy Yahoo web assets for nearly $5 billion; German business confidence rises; Jefferies’ Sean Darby on equities and yield.
Johnson bows out of PM race; Clinton leads Trump in U.S. polls; China Development Bank IPO prices near bottom of range; Puerto Rico bill passes; 31 of 33 banks pass stress tests.
Stocks, sterling surge on strength in Remain camp; China new home prices rise; India central banker Rajan to step down.
Dollar, pound rise on anticipation of rate hike and Bexit defeat; EU discusses Greece bailout; Moody’s downgrades Deutsche.
Trump and Clinton win primaries; China market regulator sacked; HSBC posts fourth-quarter loss.
IEA says oil supplies will continue to dampen prices; Beijing cuts oil production; Puerto Rico’s legislature faces deadline on debt deal.
Today’s FOMC announcement expected to include the long-awaited interest-rate hike; PBOC expects slower growth; Jefferies returns to a profit.
Euro zone sentiment data improves; global bond fund outflows continue; Oddo & Cie unveils bid for BHF Kleinwort Benson Group.
U.S. employment data expected to show uptick in payrolls; producer prices drop in the euro zone; a deadline approaches for a debt-ceiling agreement in Washington.