Ford Motor Co

Nine award-winning C-suite investment officials from pensions, endowments, foundations and a health system share their experience and expertise.
A pending Supreme Court case shines a light on the rush by U.S. companies to transfer their pension obligations to insurers, leaving workers’ security hanging in the balance.
As Ford Motor’s CIO of benefit plans, she’s isolated pension risk from the Big 3 automaker’s core business.
U.S. markets slowest GDP growth in two years; Nikkei sell-off; Abbott Labs to buy St. Jude Medical; more earnings beats.
As U.S. defined benefit plans look to reduce risk, asset managers have stepped up with liability-driven investment strategies.
Now solidly profitable in North America, U.S. automaker Ford Motor Co. is negotiating a challenging European market and planning a major Asia expansion.
Eric Doppstadt takes over as new CIO for Ford’s $9.2 billion endowment.