Fixed Income

Asked for tips on building a defined contribution portfolio, four investment chiefs recommend saving big and going the target date route.
The firm has built a powerful franchise in liability-driven investing. Can it achieve success by bringing its British model to America?
The manager is expanding outside its fixed-income base by buying an equities boutique and adding passive offerings, including smart beta.
Despite a recent slump, fundamentals seem to be pointing toward a brighter outlook. The risk: The easy money has been made.
Sovereign yields rise as investors anticipate tightening; Aussie job data weak; U.K. limits foreign investment; Mylan meets Congress; Golfsmith files for Chapter 11.
The market will eventually restore bond yield. In the meantime, investors should consider broadening their toolkit to include alternatives and private markets.
Skeptics of loans from asset management firms fear what will happen to the burgeoning market during the next credit crisis.
With signs of fresh life in several major developing markets, investors should think carefully before jumping back in.
President Michel Temer’s commitment to fiscal discipline might not be an all-encompassing panacea for the Brazilian economy. But it’s a start.
With interest rates globally either near or in the cellar, look for inflation to remain lodged in place and economic growth to continue at a grinding pace.