Financial Stability Board

A hotter planet comes with a big price tag, warns the billionaire head of a new global task force on climate-related financial disclosure.
A major source of foreign direct investment in India, the island nation is now looking to serve ultrarich African clients.
The Financial Stability Board has suggested tough new regulations for the repo, or repurchase, market, which lets financial institutions borrow cash by putting up securities as collateral.
The Financial Stability Board has warned that countries must step up pace to meet the Group of Twenty deadline for implementing laws to regulate the $600 trillion over-the-counter derivatives market.
Europe’s largest ETF manager iShares has cautioned that the providers of some ETFs are not taking appropriate measures to prove their products are safe.
Advisers are getting influenced by warnings issued by regulators about exchange-traded funds as per a survey conducted by Skandia.
Mario Draghi, governor of the Banca D’Italia and chairman of the Financial Stability Board, has criticized European and U.S. banks for trying to weaken new rules adopted by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, reports GFS News.
U.S. Treasury secretary Timothy Geithner is seeking new global rules to govern the $600 trillion derivatives market.
The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision proposal to force systemically important firms to meet’ higher capital requirements could affect between 15 and 26 institutions globally, reports Bloomberg.
The Financial Stability Board plans to question banks and regulators on implementation of compensation guidelines adopted by the European Union, reports Bloomberg.