Elliott Associates

Three of its 15 major strategies led the way in a decent year for the firm, which started operating as a smaller entity last year.
The founder of hedge fund firm Elliott Management Corp. argues that “monetary extremism” in the developed world hinders economic expansion.
Group of 50 Tiger Cubs, Seeds and Grandcubs often invest in many of the same stocks. The big winner: Irish drugmaker Actavis.
Paul Singer’s multistrategy investment firm is stockpiling dry powder for the next patch of market turmoil.
New Jersey Division of Investments, Trenton, is planning to invest $1.49 billion in new investments.
Real-estate hedge fund LandAndBuildings has appointed Corey Lorinsky as an analyst and David Kruth as a co-portfolio manager of international property.
This week, AR also revisits Kingdon’s midyear stagnation.
U.S. hedge fund, Elliott Associates, has raised its stake in Danish enzymes and food ingredients maker, Danisco, to 4.9% from 1.2%.