China Development Bank

China Development Bank will be lending Venezuela $4 billion.
Reliance Power has got approval from the Reserve Bank of India to raise $2.2 billion in foreign loans.
AlphaShares, a privately owned investment manager, has rolled out a new China Yuan Bond Index.
China Development Bank is looking for a $400 million onshore loan.
Construction company Saudi Oger is seeking to secure a $800 million senior secured term loan facility and a $1.06 billion advance payment guarantee facility.
China Sunergy has entered in $160 million of financing and credit facility agreements with China Development Bank.
Venezuela is set to secure two individual loans of $4 billion each from Russia and China.
Nextel Mexico, an operating subsidiary of NII, will secure up to $375 million in financing to buy infrastructure for its 3G network in Mexico from Huawei Technologies.
China’s Ministry of Railways is seeking to raise $3.1 billion through a sale of one-year bills.
China Development Bank has sold $2.3 billion of one year fixed-rate bills in the interbank market.