Chase Coleman

Tiger Global, Coatue, and Lone Pine are leading the charge this year, propelled in large part by technology stocks.
Documents obtained by Alpha reveal an inside look into what is driving the gains in Chase Coleman’s hedge fund, one of this year’s top performers.
The internet and media-driven fund headed by Chase Coleman extended its strong gains in April and distanced itself further from last year’s losses.
The Tiger Cub’s long-short fund followed 2016’s big loss with a hefty gain in January.
Many of the most famous managers with ties to Julian Robertson Jr. lost money last year, including Chase Coleman, Stephen Mandel Jr. and Andreas Halvorsen.
The Tiger Seed’s hedge funds are positioned more bullishly as they try to recover from their steep early-year losses.
The manager widely credited with the success of Tiger Global’s public equity funds — which have faltered since he left — has not determined whether he’ll accept money from outsiders.
The Tiger-affiliated firms both enjoyed strong performance in August, but the one-month gains are not nearly enough to stanch the bleeding this year.
The firm has a sizable hole to dig out of to get to break-even by the end of the year.