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The event-driven hedge fund firm swooned early in the year but has recovered, thanks in part to several stocks involved in major deals.
Economic data overshadowed by IMF warning; Microsoft to buy LinkedIn; Symantec to acquire Blue Coat; Blackstone raises long-term fund; MKM’s Strugger on volatility prospects.
Despite surging voter support, the former CEO of computer giant Hewlett-Packard faces a battle to secure the GOP presidential nomination.
Given ultralow interest rates, euro-denominated corporate bonds offer issuing U.S. corporations an opportunity to tap rock-bottom rates.
European cable and telecom provider Altice’s $23 billion takeover of Vivendi mobile unit SFR is just one of the Morgan Stanley veteran’s notable transactions.
Corporations are capitalizing on low borrowing rates and using the cash generated from bond issues to shore up their balance sheets.
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TM Forum has appointed Tony Kerrison as Chairman of the Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council.
AT&T has raised $5 billion through a sale of bonds.
U.S. fixed telephony provider, AT&T, has raised $3 billion in a two-part sale of bonds.