Firms including Adage, Highfields, and Greenlight are among the drugstore chain’s largest shareholders.
The San Francisco activist said preliminary tallies show that shareholders of Buffalo Wild Wings elected three of Marcato’s four nominees to the board.
The hedge fund firm simultaneously posted gains in its risk parity funds during the month.
Dan Loeb is cranking up his fund’s gross and net exposures to coincide with his increasingly sunny outlook on the post-Trump markets.
The hedge fund firm’s asset drain continues, with investors pulling close to $2 billion over the past month.
The activist manager is reducing its stake in the company following a victory in its campaign.
The Pershing Square founder tells investors in his publicly traded vehicle that the Valeant holding accounted for most of its losses last year.
The rental car company’s shares fell on a report that used car pricing is weakening.
Alliance Data Systems and Tailored Brands are adding board members from hedge funds that invest in them.
The Pershing Square founder sells off his entire position in the embattled drug maker.