Weekend Giant Reading: July 15 – 17, 2016

It’s Friday. And that means I’ve got . . . the news.


It’s Friday. And that means I’ve got . . . the news:

- Leadership: CalPERs has named a new CEO: Marcie Frost. Having met her a few times, I think I can say that CalPERS chose wisely. She’s great. Marcie will follow Joe Dear’s path in coming from Washing State’s pension world down to a leadership role at CalPERS. As Han Solo once said, “Good luck . . . you’re gonna need it.”

- New SWFs: India’s new sovereign development fund has already began identifying its first few projects.

- Pass the Popcorn: The biggest Korean pension fund may file suit against one of the country’s biggest ship-builders.

- The Fee Machine: Super funds in Australia are apparently interested in investing in alternatives, but they can’t bring themselves to pay the insane fees. So . . . they don’t. Respect.

- Buffering: As fiscal deficits rise in Chile, the finance minister has said the country should tap its sovereign fund in 2017.

- Invest-Tech: Dutch Giant APG is reportedly going deep on AI and blockchain in order to assess how they will affect its portfolios.

- Alternatives: Korea’s Giants want to invest more in private equity and hedge funds, but they simply don’t have anybody working for them who understands private equity or hedge funds. That is, I agree, a problem.

- Getting Clean I: Georgia’s Partnership Fund — which, you now know, is a fund that exists — will reportedly deploy around $100 million in new energy infrastructure in the ex-soviet country.

- Getting Clean II: Norway’s NBIM has dropped 52 coal-related companies from its portfolio.

- Sleep Aid: I’ve got a new paper up on SSRN with Dr. Adam Dixon on sovereign development fund typologies.

- Selfie: Here is my latest column on the fiction of discount rates inflators and climate change deniers. I basically tried to annoy everybody at once...

Have a great weekend!