The market will eventually restore bond yield. In the meantime, investors should consider broadening their toolkit to include alternatives and private markets.
Skeptics of loans from asset management firms fear what will happen to the burgeoning market during the next credit crisis.
For clues as to how European, U.K. and U.S. government bond yields may perform, take a look at Japanese government bonds.
Bank of Japan, Fed hold tight as Indonesia’s central bank cuts again; gold surges on Brexit fears.
FIFA headquarters raided; Wal-Mart to experiment with Uber, Lyft delivery; U.S. jobs report comes in below forecast.
Yen hits 18-month high, gold and Treasuries rise; Halliburton scraps Baker Hughes merger; Puerto Rico’s Development Bank to default; Trump leads in Indiana.
Tracking down hedge fund Treasury holdings is difficult. What’s clear is that they’re shadowing, not shaping, the market.
In a world of low rates and increased longevity, pension funds and other institutions need to consider alternatives to traditional bond investing.
Gredge assets — portfolio holdings that have both growth and hedge characteristics — offer a holistic approach to pension plan management.
Funds flee German and Japanese bonds in search of yield. The haven of choice: the U.S., where corporate yields provide some shelter.