Trading And Technology

This week the SEC begins its test on trading for small-cap stocks. Here’s what investors should expect.
Firms must engage in cross-departmental partnership in order to handle and wield the wide array of investment data at their fingertips.
Companies can’t set up an antimalware patch and dust off their hands. An effective cybersecurity structure needs to evolve constantly.
Keeping a company protected from hacking and data theft needs to be a continuous process, rather than a set of stopgap solutions.
The asset management industry needs to get onboard with technological disruption — or risk going the way of the dinosaur.
Streamlined electronic processing got the mutual fund out of the 1980s. The next task for such mutual fund technology: the fiduciary rule.
Implementation of the Market Abuse Regulation might appear a financially burdensome headache, but it actually might mean more streamlined data processing.
Banks are battling obsolescence by collaborating, instead of competing, with tech rivals, which increasingly are acting the same way.
The big players’ return to trading during the jitters earlier this year speaks volumes about their confidence in market quality.
Automation isn’t going to make financial analysts obsolete. It will make them bionic.