State Street

Firms must engage in cross-departmental partnership in order to handle and wield the wide array of investment data at their fingertips.
Fund managers are looking to mainland China’s economy for direction after sharp declines on major stock exchanges have hit the industry.
Wondering what’s going to be the next Brexit? The answer may lie hidden in the numbers.
A different supply-and-demand environment and regulatory changes are two factors behind a shift from futures contracts to ETFs.
Industrywide, asset managers are struggling to redefine themselves as passive investing grows ever more popular.
Pension funds that have their regulatory compliance in order have taken many of the same measures.
Now that Brexit is reality, the biggest task at hand is how Bank of England policymakers will handle any fallout.
A number of years after the financial crisis, major investors are taking notice of the burgeoning market in PE commitments.
The success of financial services companies depends on their ability to take advantage of innovations coming out of the fintech revolution.
Canada and Argentina take to the polls; AmEx and State Street announce earnings; ECB announces rate decision.