Interest from big players like BlackRock and TPG could help to create more robust metrics around socially responsible investing.
The U.N. initiative has increased transparency and accountability on ESG issues; now it’s time to make those principles part of the investing process.
Registered investment advisers report growing demand for sustainable, responsible and impact options.
Younger investors appear to be more sensitive to SRI criteria. And they are better informed and more willing to screen than their elders.
Co-CIOs of Generation Investment Management Mark Ferguson and Miguel Nogales proved that the firm’s principles of sustainable investing work. Now co-founders Blood and Gore need to reach the next generation.
Stephanie Sfakianos’s BNP Paribas is among the latest banks to provide investors with a number of socially- and environmentally-focused fixed-income offerings.
An oped in the Financial Times by Bob Monks introduced me to a nice report that examines the entire body of research focusing on ESG, CSR, and SRI policies. It’s worth reading, as it shows which of these tools actually work ... and which don’t. Let’s investigate...