Securities Exchange Commission

Regulators voted Wednesday to approve new rules for asset managers, including private equity firms and hedge funds.
High frequency trading will democratize investing, reduce costs, improve liquidity and reduce volatility, provided ill-informed technophobes don’t interfere, says Irene Aldridge, founder of New York–based HFT firm Able Alpha Trading.
BATS Global Markets is likely to postpone its initial public offering until early next year.
JP Morgan Chase may face material fines and legal costs of $4.5 billion from a wide-ranging probe into the industry’s foreclosure practices.
Washington-lobbying group, Managed Funds Association, has requested the Securities and Exchange Commission for guidance on using expert networks.
Ending the ban against locked markets could benefit our national market system.
SEC’s Mary Schapiro urges brokers, selling financial products, to reveal upfront the type of compensation.
Robert Khuzami wants to put the teeth back into the SEC’s Division of Enforcement after several years of benign neglect.
SEC consents to new exchange rules for breaking “clearly erroneous” trades.