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The requirement that brokers and advisers put clients’ interests first could benefit technology providers and technology-focused firms.
An index investing strategy popular among active managers is hardly the one-size-fits-all proposition some may believe.
Sponsors of 401(k) plans and their participants are leaving mutual funds for more cost-effective structures.
Integral’s system offers investors an alternative to the popular London fix, which is based on relatively limited currency trading data.
Government rules stipulating that employees put aside money for pensions have led scheme administrators into a bidding race.
Amid warnings that target-date funds may not suit all 401(k) plan participants, the industry is introducing more-personalized offerings.
Although employees want guaranteed income solutions, defined contribution plan sponsors fear the legal risks of offering such benefits.
Firms specializing in foreign exchange now offer institutional investors beta strategies that can lower equity risk and diversify portfolios.
Lisa Schneider, Managing Director, Non-Profits and Healthcare Systems, Russell Investments
Heather Myers, Managing Director, Non-Profits, Russell Investments