The government is introducing legislation allowing federally regulated plans to convert their DB plans to TBPs. Not everyone is thrilled.
Pension and sovereign wealth funds across the globe are refining their foreign exchange risk management.
The troubled plan for police and firefighters faces an imminent funding crisis as the city scrambles to plug the hole.
Outsider stands to take Philippines presidential election; hedge funds get helping of SALT; Rwanda hosts World Economic Forum on Africa.
Welcome to the weekend, everybody. Here’s what’s new on the Avenue.
An add-on to omnibus year-end congressional legislation will allow trustees to reduce benefits in multiemployer plans.
For companies experiencing improved pension funding status, the challenge is now this: how to pivot from an outdated defensive strategy to an offensive posture keyed toward growth. At Prudential, our Pension Risk Team is built to help you meet that challenge. From reducing pension volatility and honoring your commitments to your employees to helping you refocus energies on your core businesses, our pension risk solutions offer a smart path for your business. Find out why. Watch as Glenn O’Brien, Head of Distribution of Pension Risk Transfer at Prudential Retirement, explains.
OMERS is one of those big Canadian pension funds that tend to be on the cutting edge of institutional investment. What’s it planning for the years ahead? Read on...
The Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan is the best performing pension fund in the world over the last ten years. How? It’s simple recipe. But you almost certainly won’t find the ingredients in your local plan...
I’m sure you’ve noticed some of the fancy moves Texas Teachers’ has been making lately. The $100 billion US public pension fund has been doing some innovative and creative things, which raises one question: How?