IMF projections see U.S. slowdown, problems in commodity-centric emerging markets; BlackRock slashes some ETF fees; U.S. oil supply dips; VP candidates battle.
Amid a deepening recession, the Buhari government plans to tap the Eurobond market for $1 billion to fill a yawning budget gap.
OPEC leader backs oil-production caps; India strikes inside Pakistan; Pepsi earnings up; Spain struggles to form government; big layoffs at Commerzbank.
The Vision 2030 plan aims to use profits from privatization of Saudi Aramco to build a diversified, private-sector-driven economy.
As a result of plunging oil prices and challenging equity markets, many of the world’s biggest sovereign funds face redemptions as their governments try to plug budgetary holes.
Clinton, Trump neck and neck before debate; Moody’s lowers Turkish debt to junk; Wenner sells 49 percent of Rolling Stone.
Complacent markets give way to anxious ones; Clinton discloses a case of pneumonia; Industrial gas merger called off; HP to buy Samsung printer business.
IEA predicts that oil glut will wane; Alibaba beats estimates while reporting greater diversification of business units.
Turkish President Erdogan to meet with Russian President Putin in Russia during first post-coup visit abroad; Gap raises concerns over same-store sales
Given the lower costs of setup and easier extraction, shale is looking to be a relatively bright spot in oil.