O Andreas Halvorsen

The firm co-founded by O. Andreas Halvorsen has had three CIOs in seven years — and more changes are coming, starting with an $8 billion reduction in size.
The firm, headed by Tiger Cub O. Andreas Halvorsen, announced it is returning some capital in two funds as longtime employee and chief investment officer Daniel Sundheim is departing.
The Tiger Cub mostly increased its long book over the past two quarters, especially in Europe.
A letter sent to investors and obtained by Alpha offers a rare view into the Tiger Cub’s process for dealing with performance problems.
Paul Enright, who joined the Tiger-affiliated firm in 2004, was also a member of the firm’s management committee.
In its fourth-quarter letter to investors, O. Andreas Halvorsen’s firm told clients it still likes the sector, even though it wiped out the majority of profits from the first half of 2015.
Three major funds help put the firm in the black, despite a major bet on ravaged health care stocks, including Valeant Pharmaceuticals.
The firm is opening its Viking Global Opportunities fund to new money on October 1.
Viking Global, Glenview Capital and Visium profit as stocks like Actavis, Anthem and Cigna rise on takeover fever.
Nehal Chopra may be difficult, but she has the hedge fund firm up 11 percent in May and 30 percent for the year.