Mervyn King

As the long-anticipated flood of environmental, social and governance information has at last arrived, will data science finally allow our capital markets to grow up?
The U.K.’s central bank has lowered its forecasts for growth in the coming years due to slowing economic activity and government austerity measures, along with inflation that will likely remain high for some time, according to Financial Times.
Mervyn King, governor of the Bank of England, says passing the next round of stress testing by European regulators does not mean banks are automatically safe, reports Financial Times.
A lead economist at the U.K. central bank has put forward a rosy outlook for continued economic growth for the country, even with looming public spending cuts and lingering high inflation, according to Bloomberg.
Paul Tucker, deputy governor of the Bank of England, says new regulations on how to wind down failing banks could result in a major restructuring of the banking industry, reports Reuters.
Surging consumer prices in the U.K. have put increasing pressure on the central bank to increase interest rates to cool inflation, but officials warned that slow growth will contain price gains, according to Financial Times.
The central bank of the U.K. could increase its benchmark interest rate as much as three times this year as inflation continues to remain well above the target set by policymakers, according to The Daily Telegraph.
Price growth in the U.K. accelerated in the first month of the year to a rate double the target set by the central bank, although officials continue to argue that the inflationary pressure is “temporary,” according to The Daily Telegraph.
The minutes of the latest policy meeting at the Bank of England show that a second member voted to back an interest rate rise as inflation remains stubbornly high, according to The Daily Telegraph.