Louis Bacon

The macro legend thinks the U.S. economy will slow and sees other problems on the horizon, according to people who know him.
Managers profited by shorting the euro and going long the dollar, while emerging-markets and commodity plays suffered.
As 2014 recedes, here is roundup of the high- and lowlights of 2014 from the world of finance, money management and beyond.
The legendary macro manager is one of a few who are posting losses this year. But he tells Alpha that several markets could start to look interesting again.
Prominent global macro hedge funds are struggling. Several upstart firms believe they have found a way to turn challenging circumstances into an opportunity.
Why are macro fund slogging along this year? And, in the longer context, is it really as bad as it looks?
Citadel’s Ken Griffin moved a step closer to returning to his high water mark after an impressive 2.5 percent gain in July. His Wellington and Kensington funds are now up about 14 percent for the year when many of the macro stars are still in the red.
Moore Capital Management’s founder has had a tough few years, but he’s still outdoing his peers—and planning his legacy