Flash Boys

High frequency trading veteran Manoj Narang (No. 26 on the Trading Technology 40) views technology as “a democratizing force in the markets.”
Dark pool IEX’s famed speed bump, intended to thwart high frequency traders, draws fire as the firm seeks public exchange status from the SEC.
#22 Jamie Selway, Head of Electronic Brokerage and Sales, Investment Technology Group
#23 Brad Katsuyama, President and Chief Executive Officer, IEX Group
#29 Manoj Narang, Ex–Chief Executive Officer, Thesys Technologies
At Delivering Alpha, the Citadel CEO thinks Rupert Murdoch’s play for Time Warner could work and is cautiously optimistic about the Fed.
Russia is gung ho about HFT according to the Moscow Exchange’s Roman Sulzhyk, but China and India have taken steps to discourage this practice.
In Michael Lewis’s book <em>Flash Boys</em>, alternative trading system IEX is cast as a leader in demurking the high frequency trading waters.
Michael Lewis tells a great story in his new book but it’s more flash than fact.
The media circus over the publication of Flash Boys has made for excellent entertainment but is unlikely to have any meaningful policy impact.