Defined Benefits

The CIO at package delivery company UPS is always on the lookout for innovative opportunities to deliver pension fund performance.
Insurers are helping plan sponsors maintain pension payments while also derisking the associated long-term obligations.
Canada’s largest province acts locally and thinks nationally while debating defined contribution vs. defined benefit plans.
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Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan CEO Johh Crocker explains how his fund achieved “funding sweet spot” of becoming 100 percent funded through a liability-driven investment strategy.
Ford is seeking to contribute $1.2 billion in cash and cash equivalents from its automotive division along with $400 million of direct benefit payments.
IBM, which plans to contribute around $900 million to its non-U.S. defined benefit pension plans this year, is not legally mandated to make contributions to its U.S. defined benefit plans.
A dozen money managers, recordkeepers, consultants and industry advocates shed light on the most common mistakes made by the sponsors of defined benefit and defined contribution plans.