Caja Madrid

Bankia is planning to delay its planned initial public offering.
Mexican mortgage lender, Hipotecaria Su Casita, has unveiled a debt restructuring of about $632 million.
Bankia, the new retail Spanish bank made up of Caja Madrid and six other savings banks, is creating a bad bank to hold toxic assets to make its listing later this year more attractive, reports Financial Times.
Caja Madrid will get €188 million from Spanish insurance company, Mapfre, from the dissolution of their cross-shareholding pact.
Santander Asset Management has appointed José Martínez-Sanjuán as new head of third party funds.
Spain has raised a total of €4 billion in a bond sale.
Banco Financiero y de Ahorros is planning to reserve about €9.2 billion to cover loan losses and write down the value of its real-estate holdings.
Caja Madrid, along with six smaller Spanish savings banks, will combine their units to set up a new joint company.