Boaz Weinstein

The credit specialist’s closed-end fund strategy continues to post strong gains. Now he’s turning up the heat on the Boston-based firm to implement changes in three of its mutual funds.
Big disparities between companies’ debt and equity prices have created opportunities for arbitrage.
Three quarters of investors surveyed by Preqin said they’d be willing to cut fees to attract and keep assets.
The credit specialist still thinks there is a good opportunity buying bond funds at a discount.
The New York firm is enjoying strong performance this year, following several difficult years.
As a lawsuit against Boaz Weinstein’s firm illustrates, valuation issues can be tricky to navigate — for both hedge funds and their investors.
Hedge fund Saba Capital, started by former Deutsche Bank proprietary trader Boaz Weinstein, is establishing an office in London.
Toby Hudson, who managed proprietary trading of derivatives tied to commercial-mortgage bonds in JPMorgan Chase & Co., has joined Saba Capital Management.
Boaz Weinstein is raising money for the Saba Capital Tail Risk Fund.